Working with designers saves time and money and helps with functional living trends

People can save money and time when renovating or building new houses if they work with interior designers. With the visualization of the room at the beginning of the construction project, there are precise instructions for the new home. What else does the design studio help with?

Real estate prices are currently high and the conditions for obtaining a mortgage are becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, all costs are carefully considered when buying new apartments and renovating existing ones. One of these could be working with a design studio to visualize the future shape of the living space. The term “interior designer” can cause an expensive and unusual problem, but this view is somewhat distorted. “While this service is as common abroad as a hairdresser or a car repair shop, people in the Czech Republic are only slowly getting used to it and may doubt quite often what our work involves” says Jana Collins, designer at Senses Studio, adding: “This is a space solution, layout, concept creation and subsequent design. At the same time, there will be visits to exhibition halls, material samples and decoration purchases. The designer can even take a customer to a foreign trade fair. “The owners of the new home can work with the home designer to save countless hours, worries and, as a result, financial resources. This is mainly due to later adjustments and the correction of defects that often occur after the completion of new premises.

Visualize at the beginning

These complications can be avoided if homeowners consult with experts at the beginning of the construction work and have the interior visualized. “It is ideal to work with a designer before starting the renovation or construction. The process is then much simpler and smoother. Thanks to the photorealistic visualization, you not only have an idea of the final result, but also a budget and schedule,” says Ivana Slavíková, owner of the Line Design Studio. She adds that designers can use a builder’s services if people don’t know what to do and can’t finish the project. At this stage, however, some compromises have to be made. This is also confirmed by Jana Collins, who adds that for many customers a better solution might be to seek advice from a designer when choosing a property. “The designer recognizes the pitfalls of a room at first glance and can point out to you potential problems or challenging aspects at an early stage. This avoids many mistakes. The designer can still change the room and adapt it to specific needs,” says Jana Collins.

The conversion is worth a comprehensive look

In a conversion, the situation is similar. By working with designers, you can look at the entire process more comprehensively. The expert advises you on the choice of materials and craftsmen. “The designer keeps an eye on the idea of the room to avoid changes that are not suitable for the room. He recognizes the pitfalls, suggests possible solutions and possible combinations of materials and colours. Collaboration saves time and money – most of the time we already have contractors where the customer gets a better price and service,” says Jana Collins of Senses Studio. Thanks to the visualization you get for the new building and the renovation, which moves without unnecessary effort towards the desired interior. “The interior design will help to avoid, for example, shabby bargains where there may be something in the house that is inappropriate or, in the worst case, does not meet the expectations of functionality or quality,” says Ivana Slavíková from Linie Design Studio. “The designer also works with suppliers and craftsmen, with whom he has had good experiences. So it will not happen that the cooperation with a company has to be stopped because it has not done its job well or has has taken unexpected costs into account” explains Slavíková.

Designers present new and unknown trends

As mentioned in the introduction, working with designers involves consultations or a specific selection of materials, accessories or decorations. In this regard, interior designers follow the latest trends and can offer new and modern options. For example, this year’s course is rich in colours like aubergine purple, navy blue, strong green or burgundy red. The pastel colours also remain in the foreground. In terms of styles, retro styles, Scandinavian styles, as well as industrial or vintage styles are popular. Very trendy is the use of tiles, both in standard sizes and in large formats. The hit are mainly tiles in the metal design or the appearance of onyx stones. Even photocopies that have recently entered the Czech market are a modern element. “Tiles with high-quality photo print can complement the room perfectly and emphasize its uniqueness. Thanks to the latest technology, the image is true to detail and absolutely natural. You can get virtually any motif and any size, from a tile to a motif over the whole wall,” says Andre Beurskens from C.Art Studio, the first in the Czech market to produce photo tiles.


Source: You can find the full press article here.